Percussionist Montana King

Montana King worked as a percussionist in Philadelphia in the 1980s. later invited to Berlin played for three years. 

After coming to Japan, on NHK TV show played as professional percussionist with Mockun who famous actor and other artist.

Also He have unique style, singing and playing percussion, it is unusual and valuable.

Percussion is a instrument as roots of music. Pouring power of life foce into music. Make activating the brains of who listen, there is the power to open mind and to live life.  Montana is the master of old school of rhythms.

Stand By Me - Montana King
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Vocal, Percussion, Arrange :  Montana King


Montana’s grandfather Fred Alexander King was a Blues singer and mother Margaret King Ramsay was a Gospel singer.

Blues guitarist, National Heritage Fellowship Mr. BB King is distant relative.

Montana has naturally musical sense and the deep singing voice of black roots making feel hope and courage.


2013. In January, Montana was as Voice Creator of sound effect at the Tokyo Art Theater.

Amazing Grace - Montana King
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Vocalist Montana King
Montana King Healing Kalimba



Montana King, inspired by Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, started play Karimba, and he pursuing more healing effects and has created unique sounds as "Healing Kalimba".


Besides relaxation and sleeping effects, it is said that there is work to increase purification and level of consciousness.

Star Child - Montana King
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Montana King Teacher

Music Teacher

Montana King has been a music teacher for songs and percussion since 2008 at the Kunitachi Music Academy.

" You can bring out the inner special powers that everyone has, and I can convey my music's roots and spirits,

I help growth and everyone is able to be creativity with confidence, that's my policy. 

My music is the magic that inspires and enriches our children & people. "

When The Saints Go Marching In - Kunitachi Music Academy Big Band
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Kunitachi Music Academy Big Band

​Vocal : Montana King & Students

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