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Montana King Percussion

Montana King is from Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA. 

Grandfather was a blues singer, Mother was a gospel singer. 

Blues guitarist, National Heritage Fellowship Mr. BB King is distant relative.

Martin Luther King, Jr of the Civil Rights Movement is a cousin of his mother. 


He played as a percussionist in Philadelphia in the 1970s.

Released the album with pianist Rashidi Graffiti. The band with him was invited to Germany in 1988, and based in Berlin he performed for three years in Europe, also session with Chaka Khan band in Berlin.


Montana King met Hiroko in Berlin and came to Japan in 1992. 

Since then, she managing and Producing his works.

He start sing as a R & B vocalist. 

On the TV show (NHK,TBS,MXTV,etc) introduced his  music therapy many times.


He teaching vocal and percussion at Kunitachi Music Academy.


 "My music that creates harmony between people and open up their mind to create hope and possibility, It is good medicine. Treasure of the heart. I will continue to send energy of hope and courage through the music.

I 'd like to play soul to soul collaboration with originality artist  that's make magic. check out my web."

© Montana King Music

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